Sunday, October 9, 2011

Recent Events

     This week has been quite an eventful one for me. It started out with me finely getting my first vehicle, a 97 olds bravada.  I already love this truck. Doesnt need much work, Ive cleaned it, got rid of the corrosion on the battery grounds with baking soda, It needs a pitman arm, all filters and fluids, ordered a grill for it, and then its license tags and insurance.

     Then of course the unfortunate news of Mr. Jobs passing away. I've read that he was nontraditional with his treatments, he used eastern medicinal techniques and it eventually lead to his very unfortunate death.  Im afraid that it's down hill for apple if theyre not careful. However a man by the name of Mr. Ives is apples design chief. He got hired by apple in 1996 when Steve Jobs returned. Mr. Ives was close to Steve and through that connection, i believe this man can really aid in continuing apples tradition of being the best.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

iOS 5

I'm excited to see apple's release of iOS 5 and possibly new iPhone and iPod touch. It's rumored that there will be a cheaper iPhone 4s released and an iPhone five and it's iPod touch sibling. The iPad three could be in the works for next year as well! Go to to find out more!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Oil pipeline in kansas

Yes, you heard correctly. A pipeline in Kansas. More specifically through marysvile. This pipeline is all the way from Canada. People are saying this will generate more jobs here. Well, it will be temporary and for a very small amount of jobs, this is a huge risk and the reward? Money for the govt and oil companies, then heartache when there is an accident that will destroy a nearby aquifer that supplies millions millions in central U.S with water.



Okay, so the whole thing about how light is the fastest thing in existence? Welllllllll, it's quite possible that its WRONG!!!! Neutrinos are found to be .000000006 nano seconds faster than light over a 732 Kilometer distance!!!

Look for the wiki page about neutrinos to more understand them!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creative Writing

Here is several pieces from my latest writing;
It was cool and clear, a cloudless night with the moon's rays caressing my cheeks, the wind playing softly with my hair, whispering it's secrets to me. With the sounds of crikets chirping in my ear and the scent of Datura filling my nose, I climbed down the trellis and lept safely in the cold grass.

As I layed down to sleep, a wonderful feeling of peace became apart of me, surrounded by love and happiness, feeling the cool breeze from the window, I felt as if my life had just begun.

I watched sorrowfully as he turned, walked to his horse, and disappeared behind the hedge of Hydrangeas. I cried bitterly as I sank to the ground, the stone cold upon my bare feet." Until we meet again." I said aloud to myself.

Come back to see more work soon!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Okay, so there's a trip to Greece in spring break, itll cost $2800 big ones, the best part is i could have $2500 paid through grants/scholarships!!! plus the rest would come from left over college funding!!!!! Talk about photographers dream!!!


I'd like to direct everyone to my photo page on facebook!!! Find me and if your in topeka, Think about hiring me for photo or contract work!!!! I feel that you'll find my valuable and cost effective! If you like viewbug, Im on that website as well!!! Just search cuda10358.